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Game Profile

Al Lowe's Comedy Club

Al Lowe's Comedy Club

Al Lowe's Comedy Club


iPhone, iPod, iPad


The Binary Mill




23 June 2010


1 Player

Available from the Apple App Store


Here's one for you, a priest with a 12-inch pianist walks into a bar and... uh, how does that one go again?

Ever find yourself stuck for a laugh? Well never again, thanks to Al Lowe's Comedy Club. That's right, the man behind the original Leisure Suit Larry series has teamed up with veteran comedian Chuck Myers & a development studio you've never heard of to deliver a treasure trove of quality jokes direct to your ears.

Ears? That's right! As they say in the biz, it's all in the delivery, and Chuck delivers them better than a Stork on steroids. We locked him in the recording studio for three weeks with nothing but a bucket of cocktail shrimp and a copy of Swank, and what we got back was pure comedy gold. Well for the first few days it was gold, after that things went kinda... weird.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to bust a rib, split a side, and/or wet yourself as we treat you to over four hours of the best jokes you'll hear this side of a seedy Vegas stripclub.

Look, we're not saying you're going to find ALL of these jokes funny. Heck, what would a Comedy Club be without a solid cue for crickets or a cringe-worthy stinker that'll make your eyes roll right through the back of your head? But, we GUARANTEE* you'll lol some point (*not a guarantee).

WARNING: that 17+ rating up there isn't just for show. Some of these jokes contain profanity, sexuality, suggestive themes and other hilarious taboos. Mmm, saucy.

So tell me, have you heard any good ones lately?


Al Lowe's Comedy Club Screenshot for iPhone Al Lowe's Comedy Club Screenshot for iPhone Al Lowe's Comedy Club Screenshot for iPhone


  • Now with over 400 studio recorded, professionally performed jokes! That's over 10 HOURS worth of jokes - some of them even funny!
  • A simple, intuitive interface that even a moron can handle (well, most morons.)
  • Read along if you want - or not. Our PUNCH LINE PROTECTION PROVISION won't let you ruin a joke by reading ahead!
  • Play each joke one at a time, or hook it up to the stereo and let Al's Comedy Club become the life of the party (or flop horribly leaving you with even less friends then you already had, which will still be really funny, just not for you.)
  • Comprehensive SEARCH feature - for when you absolutely positively need a rectal thermometer joke, STAT!
  • GLOBAL TOP 10 LIST - laugh along with what the world thinks is funniest!
  • Become a critic with the ONLINE RATINGS SYSTEM that lets you add your (largely irrelevant) vote to the Global Top 10!
  • Mark your FAVORITES so they're always just a tap away!
  • Share the good times with a friend via e-mail (Warning: Al's Comedy Club not responsible for subsequent sexual harassment suits)
  • Native support for iPad - perfect for those extra-pretentious moments at your local Starbucks

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