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Gun Club VR


Oculus Quest
Playstation VR
Oculus Rift


The Binary Mill



Init. Release:

Sept 21st, 2017



  Download for Oculus Quest:

Coming Soon to PlayStation VR

    Download now for PSVR:

Coming Soon to PlayStation VR

    Download for Oculus Rift:

Available from Oculus

     Download for HTC VIVE:

Available from Steam

Gun Club VR Update - August 2019:

In this HUGE 1.0.21 update, we've added 5 new weapons to play with a couple of new attachments and some highly requested options.

New Weapons:

EF88 Assault Rifle

SKO Shotgun

MP40 Submachine Gun

And as voted by our Discord Community:
STG Assault Rifle

UZI Submachine Gun

New Attachments:

Tactical Pistol Stock

Vertical Foregrip

New Features:

- G17/G18 lower rail now supports attachments (No mounted rail req.).
- Rotational Bolt-locking added to relevant weapons i.e MP5, EF88 etc.
- Seated Mode Added to PC version.
- New Steam Input and Index Support added to PC version.
- Casting support added to Quest version.

New Options:

Added Stock Emulation Option for Two-Handed Tracking:
    - On - Gun moves like stock is pressed against the shoulder.
    - Hybrid - Same as “On” but only engages when gun is lifted up to
      the shoulder which allows for hipfiring.
    - Off - Gun follows the two hands directly.

Added Grip Offset Option which lowers held items to where the real hand is located but can mean controllers can clash when operating:
    - Off - Held items is where hand is location.
    - Low - Held items are slightly above hand location.
    - High - Held items are above the hand location.

Added Setting to reduce size of enemy health indicators:
    - Off
    - Small
    - Large (original size)

Bug Fixes and Additions:

- Seated Mode - Magazine Bag when using seated mode is now located higher.
- Gun on the floor directly below can now be Far-Grabbed.
- Ammo and Health indicator placement fixed.
- Torso hiding option fixed.
- Fire Particles should now follow targets when hit.
- Bayonets now effect targets in range again.
- Haptic Feedback intensified on Rift-S and Quest
- Unintended UI Interaction will be blocked when operating weapon.
- Restarting Range will respawn destructibles.
- (Quest) Disabled unintended UI interaction when using thumbstick.
- (Quest) Fixed the shape of the projected light from torches.
- Fixed unhittable targets in Allied Window.

What's next?:

We’ve already begun work on the next update with even more additions and includes the long awaited Sandbox Range for the Quest.

As always, if you have any suggestions or bug reports or just want to chat you can get in touch with us through our Steam Forums, our Support Services or on our Discord Server.


Gun Club VR Screenshot for Oculus Gun Club VR Screenshot for Oculus Gun Club VR Screenshot for Oculus


  • UNPARALLELED REALISM: Your favourite firearms come to life with Gun Club VR’s highly detailed and fully interactive weapon models. Developed on real-world ballistics, you can handle, load, cock and fire these weapons. Flick off the safety, select burst or full auto, extend the stock or rack the slide to clear a round: gun Club VR provides the total gun range experience.
  • HUGE WEAPON VARIETY: Pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, grenade launchers; dozens of the most iconic weapons in the world, all intricately modelled with complete interactivity.
  • UPGRADE & CUSTOMISE: Unlock hundreds of different attachments and upgrades for your weapons. The picatinny rail system allows for limitless customisation. Stocks and scopes, extended mags and laser sights: customise your weapons to fit any scenario.
  • INTERACTIVE RANGES: Fire your weapons in a multitude of different range scenarios, from hostage rescue to the dreaded zombie apocalypse. And for true shooting purists there is the classic target range. No time limits, no scores, just you and your weapon.


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