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The Binary Mill

Gun Club 2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems with your GunClub products?

Some of our users may encounter problems when using our GUN CLUB products. Never fear however, because we're here to help!

Usually these issues can be very simply overcome so we've created this support FAQ to help you out.

Question:    I just downloaded your app and it won't run.

Answer: This is a common problem for all apps you might download from the App Store. Try the following steps.

1. Restart your device by completely turning it off, and back on. Try load the app again. If it still won't load, see step 2.

2. Re-download the app: If downloading via the device on the App Store, ensure that you have deleted the app from your device before re-downloading. If downloading via iTunes, be sure to delete the app from your Applications folder, before redownloading, and syncing to your device.

Question:    How do I delete an app from my iPhone / iPod / iPad ?

Answer: Glad you asked! To delete an application from your device, hold your finger on the icon you wish to remove for a few seconds. Once you have held your finger down long enough, the icon will begin to jiggle, now simply press the 'X' in the corner of that icon. Confirm on the following prompt that you wish to delete. Press the Home button to resume normal operation, the application has now been deleted.

Question:    If I delete your app from my device, are you going to charge me again for the download?

Answer: You will NOT be charged for redownloading if you have already purchased it, provided you use the same iTunes account you did to initially make the purchase(s)

Question:    I had to delete GUN CLUB from my device and when I reinstalled it, all of my in-app purchases were gone.

Answer: Fear not! Once you've made an in-app purchase, you will always be able to redownload it again for free. It's a buy once own forever type deal. Just make sure you're logged in with the same iTunes account you initially purchased the pack(s) with and goto download again. You will be prompted to purchase the pack again - press OK and the app will tell you that you have already purchased this pack before and will ask if you want to download it again for free. Press yes and you're away.

Question:    I'm trying to purchase one of your In-App items and I keep receiving the message "Please wait. Connecting to server..." and that's it. Help!

Answer: This can possibly be a few things. Here are the steps to try.

1. Firstly, make sure you have an internet connection. 3G or WiFi will be fine. You will not be able to download any In-App item without an active live internet connection. If you have confirmed your net connection is OK, move onto step 2. If your net connection was faulty, please try downloading again.

2. So your net connection is fine and you're still seeing that darn message. The time has come - throw it against the wall in a fit of rage! Ok maybe that's a bit far, but we feel your pain. What you want to do is check that your device is allowing In-App purchases.

To do this goto "Settings" then to "General" then to "Restrictions". In here you'll see a section called "Allowed Content". Under this heading look for "In-App purchases" and make sure it is set to "ON". Try your purchase again and you should be good to go!

Question:    I'm trying to purchase one of your In-App items and it keeps giving me the error "An error has occurred, please try again". I know my internet connection is good and I can purchase other packs so... sup!?

Answer: This is a rare case, but is caused by an update going live before the inapp pack has been approved by Apple. This delay is usually brief, from a couple of hours to around 2 days. We'll try and keep users updated on these situations via the inapp news and our forums when they happen. Basically, just try again a bit later.

Question:    I'm trying to purchase one of your In-App items and it keeps telling me I'm trying to connect via a "Sandbox Account" or that I require a "Sandbox Account" ... huh!?

This is the trickiest problem of all, mainly because it can be caused by several factors.

1. Make sure you are correctly logged into your iTunes account. To be sure, on your device, log out of your current account by going to "Settings" then to "Store" and select "Sign Out". Now remain signed out until you load GunClub 2 back up, select an In-App purchase, then enter your login details when prompted. This has reported to have worked for some. If not you, please read on!

2. You currently do not have a valid credit card tied into your iTunes account. Perhaps your credit card expired, or you recently unlinked it from your account. Try updating or re-linking your credit card to your account. The same applies to iTunes credit.

3. You have a developer enabled device/account. Try using an iTunes account that is not tied into the Apple developer program at all.

4. Your device has been, as the kids call it, "Jail Broken". While it's none of our business what you decide to do with your own hardware, know that when Jail-breaking an iDevice, extended features such as In-App purchases can cease functioning properly. There is unfortunately no support we can offer to Jail-broken devices as there are simply too many variables as to what could be happening.


The Binary Mill takes no responsibility for any damage, loss of files or otherwise if attempting to use GunClub 2 on a Jailbroken device. Having said that, we believe in the right to do what you want with your own hardware, so some users have reported the following to work.

Now bear with us as we're not overly familiar with Jailbroken devices. Firstly, uninstall GunClub 2 from your device. Then, within the programme you used to jailbreak your device (?), search for "appsync" and uninstall it. Reboot your device, and reinstall GunClub 2 from a fresh download from the AppStore - if you have already purchased it, you will NOT be charged again. You must however purchase GunClub 2 from the AppStore at some point for In App purchasing to work. After this reinstall, in-app purchasing should work fine.

Again, we will NOT be held responsible if your device spontaneously combusts as a result of any of this.

Question:    You call this an FAQ!? I've still got problems!

Answer: Please contact our support team and let us know!

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